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(click here for video) Alright guys! listen up!! to celebrate 70 K followers on TikTok we are launching a giveaway on July 4th!! The giveaway will be for the very 1st Fruitbuddie T-shirt (not even in our shop yet!! but will be soon!!) So please if you have a TikTok and love Fruitbuddies like and follow us! If you don't have one, make one and follow us for the giveaway~

::NOTE:: This giveaway will ONLY be on TikTok!

Check us out:

❤ Rules will be announced on July 4th so stay tuned ❤


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Convention Time!!!

The date is coming up fast! Fruit Buddies will be vending at the 2nd Annual Henderson County Comic Con, our very first anime convention!! Get out your cosplays, fursuits & masks (of course) & join us

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