Official factory made Tangeryena plush!!







★ LENGTH:: 14" from tip of nose to base of tail

★ EYES:: Beautiful embroidery

★ FABRIC:: Soft minky fabric, and Faux fur hair tuft

★ INTERIOR:: Poly-fil stuffing

★ OTHER:: Printed spot detailing, embroidery paw pads

★ATTACHED::  2x2in front and back tags printed on card stock

★INCLUDED:: front and back character adoption card


  • Tangeryena? More like TangerMEANa! This fruity cutie may look cuddly, but he comes with an attitude as acidic as the fruit he looks like! Maybe he's got tangerine juice in his eye? Perhaps that's why he also smells like a tangerine, or why he's always angry! But I'm sure he'd still love to chew on that orange fruit ball!

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