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Lions, hyenas, and bears, oh my! 

My name is Lindsey! The creator of Fruit Buddies! 
I'm just a normal, everyday person with big hopes and dreams of getting our adorable Fruit Buddies animals out into the world! 
Each animal was designed with love and care for all ages to enjoy. Do you have a favorite fruit and animal? We may have created one especially for you, and there's more to come! 
We need your support to make our dreams a reality: to bring happiness to others while we create these fabulous Fruit Buddies for you to collect.

What are "Fruit Buddies"?

FruitBuddies are a collection of sweet smelling animal-fruit hybrids! We're taking some of our favorite animals and combining them with well known fruits! 
For example, our very first buddy in our collection is a cuddly, fluffy lion! Colored like a watermelon with a green striped body and a red mane, it not only looks like a Watermelion but can smells like one too if you choose!

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