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Meet the Fruit Buddies



Don't swallow those seeds! You may sprout watermelons out your ear or, if you're a lion... Turn into a watermelion! 
This big, fluffy, melon kitty may have bit off more than it can chew, thinking a watermelon was a ball of yarn! But are we complaining? Absolutely not! That's one gorgeously colored, adorable lion! 
Must have been messy too, 'cause the watermelion smells just as sweet as the watermelon it was chewing on!



Tangeryena? More like TangerMEANa! This fruity cutie may look cuddly, but he comes with an attitude as acidic as the fruit he looks like! Maybe he's got tangerine juice in his eye? Perhaps that's why he also smells like a tangerine, or why he's always angry! But I'm sure he'd still love to chew on that orange fruit ball!



In a bushel of strawberry clouds, this plump, cuddly straw-bearry snoozes - dreaming of juicy, red berries! Too many berries? Not for this bear! The more the better, and it's because of this obsession with this delicious fruit that the straw-bearry gets its equally delicious smelling scent!



This spunky bunny hops into the hearts of all those who love bunnies and bananas alike! But watch that hop, you may slip on a banana peel! 
Although it's extremely adorable, those large, droopy, peel-like ears are so floppy that the bunana often slips on itself!



This plump bird is just an absolute hoot, taking every apple it finds and stashing them away in its secret hiding place! 
Maybe that's why it's called an Owl-pple? Or maybe it's because it only lives in apple trees? That definitely doesn't help its hoarding habit!

shark grape.png

Grape White Shark

Swimming in from the deep, winey depths... This hungry shark takes a bite out of everything grape-flavored, earning its flavorful nickname Grape-White Shark! 
But don't let that huge smile fool you! It may take a bite out of you too!

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